Thursday, October 30, 2014

How to take Transaction Log backup ? TIP# 68


As we discussed in earlier tips how to take full backup and differential backup now in this tip we will see how to take transaction backup .

Before taking transaction backup the first and mandatory condition is that you should have a full backup.

Just right click the database and go to backup option as you will get following screen. Now we need to select Transaction Log   option in   backup type dropdown.

Once this is selected we need to give a transaction log backup name as shown below. The extension should be .TRN




Once you provided all the mandatory values just click on then you will get your  Transaction Log backup.

We can take Log backup with  SQL command also

For example :-

BACKUP LOG IndiandotnetDB
TO DISK ='E:\IndiandotnetTransaction.trn'

When you run above command you will get following screen and your log backup is done.


I hope this will help you.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

How to take differential backup ? TIP #67



We were discussing backup from last few post. Now lets take a look one more feature of backup which is differential backup.

Differential backup  is backup after last full backup. Before taking Differential backup  it is a mandatory condition to take full backup.

Differential backup can speed up your recovery process or we can say restore process.

In below example we would understand how to take differential backup

To take differential backup we can run following command

TO DISK = 'D:\IndiandotnetDB.dif'

Or we can take differential backup by following steps also

Right click the database select database backup option you will get same screen which we explain at the time of full backup.

if you see below screen you will find we have change backup type to Differential and  taking backup to d drive with name Indiandotnetdb.dif


Once you click OK button. your differential backup will be completed.

I hope this tip might help you somewhere.

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